Prior to your first visit...

New Patient Form - Ages 0-9

New Patient Form - Ages 10-18

New Patient Form - Adult

Emergency Patient Form

Please print out and complete the new patient form prior to your first appointment.

If you are coming in for an emergency or limited exam appointment, please fill out the "Emergency patient form" as well.

The form is in Adobe Acrobat format. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat, you may download it by clicking on the graphic link

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Your first visit with us...

As you are new to us and we are new to you, your first appointment may be slightly different than you are used to.

Your first visit will include the following:

  • A thorough review of your medical and dental histories
  • A complete radiographic exam (unless previous x-rays have been provided) using digital radiography (90% less exposure than traditional film)
  • Oral cancer screening, evaluating the tongue, cheeks, and soft tissue
  • Forensic dental exam
  • Comprehensive dental exam, checking for cavities
  • Comprehensive periodontal exam, checking for gum disease
  • routine cleaning (if appropriate, and time permitting)

Please allow up to 90 minutes for this appointment. Depending on how complex the treatment may be, we may ask you to return for a treatment planning appointment to discuss varying treatment options.

Your next visit...

It's up to you

After we have performed a complete examination and presented a treatment plan, you may want to get started on obtaining that beautiful new smile you've wanted, you may want to have your restorative work done, or you may need a little more time to think about what to do next. Whatever you decide, we're here to work with you and help you in any way possible.